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#PeruOpenHouse: four testimonies of travelers around the country

Publicado el August 27, 2021

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Little by little, tourism in Peru is reactivated. More people are encouraged to make a change of scene and travel the country again, eager to reconnect with nature, discover places they always wanted, or spend time with the family away from home.

Traveling in a pandemic can also be safe and this was confirmed by part of our team. As experts in the field, we know the biosafety protocols that have been implemented in the country to promote tourism, guaranteeing the health of passengers. We read how hotels and restaurants have adapted to the “new normal”, and we had the chance to be on the other side too.

How was the experience of traveling during the pandemic? We leave you the testimony of four female travelers:


1. Maria Lucia Atauje

One of my favorite places to visit in summer is the southern beaches, especially Paracas, a destination with warm weather, outdoor attractions, and delicious food. My family and I decided to take a New Year's trip in which we wanted to relax, enjoy the beach and celebrate together without forgetting biosafety measures, considering that we were going to do it during the pandemic.

We opted to stay five days in one of the hotels in the Paracas National Reserve. I must admit that traveling in a pandemic brought out my more rigorous side, I was attentive to every detail related to my health and that of my family. However, it only took us a moment since we reached the destination to realize that we were in good hands. All staff and protocols were followed perfectly at all times; from temperature measurement to the use of masks, social distancing, and disinfection of hands and shoes.

I would definitely recommend the experience, as not only does it meet high safety standards but they also have outdoor activities. My favorites were the water sports, the visit to the private collection of pre-Hispanic articles, and the exquisite dinners in the restaurant. An unmissable place!



2. Ana Paula Albin

Traveling through Peru is an extraordinary experience, especially when one begins to get away from the noise of the city and enters the silence and tranquility of the mountains in the highlands of the country. Huaraz was a destination that I had been pending for a long time, so I opted to go on a spiritual journey together with a specialized guide and several friends.

We leave at dawn and drive there for eight hours. We stayed in some domes in the mountains 10 minutes from Chavin, with a spectacular view of the valley and guaranteed social distancing. During our visit to the archaeological site, we noticed that they complied with all the protocols: limited capacity, temperature measurement at entry, and mandatory use of a mask. The energy of the place, which feels as if you are entering an ancient universe as you walk through its paths and tunnels, is unique and surprising.

We also visited Hatun Machay, a stone forest among the mountains an hour away. The power of nature that we observe there is captivating. Also, it was an opportunity to reconnect with it after a long time. Without a doubt, a trip that recharged my energy and allowed me to focus on the simple things that surround us.

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3. Bianca Andrade

After a year and a half of the pandemic and now that most of the adults in my family are vaccinated, we decided to take a little trip to break the routine. We leave Lima for Ica to spend the weekend where the sun shines, five families each in their car.

We stayed in a hotel in the city, with open spaces, a warm reception, and well-established disinfection and mask-wearing protocols. We toured the city in a caravan, had lunch in one of the vineyards, and walked through Huacachina where one group stayed to enjoy the sunset while the rest toured the desert in a buggy. We finished the trip with a tour to Cañon de los Perdidos. The guide accompanied us in the car, all with a mask and the windows open for ventilation. The hike lasted 2 hours, in which we were able to explore the bottom of the canyon.

I was surprised by the number of people who were visiting these destinations; you can see that little by little the country is reactivated and we are all eager to visit new places. For my part, I returned home happy; it was an unforgettable experience and it allowed me to reconnect with my family and enjoy it safely.



4. Ximena Arrieta

I have always considered myself a person who likes to be on the go, so hiking and outdoor activities are essential in all my trips. When restrictions were more flexible in Peru and after months of confinement, I planned some short trips to go back to doing what I like the most: going trekking.

For a long time, I had a hiking route on my to-do list: the Intipunku of Ollantaytambo. Its name in Quechua means "door of the sun" and the view of the valley and the Veronica mountain from the top is impressive. During the walk, I was happy with the protocols established and how the guide took care to make me feel safe all the time.

I spent a few additional days in Cusco. I must say that I was very happy with the rigor of the protocols in the venues and hotels of the city, which shows that they are committed to the task of reactivating tourism, guaranteeing a safe experience for all visitors. It fills me with emotion to see how one of my favorite places in Peru comes back to life little by little. It is a trip that I would repeat many times and recommend to everyone.

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Whether you choose a relaxing weekend at the beach or an adventure in the mountains, Peru is a safe destination for pandemic travel and is ready to welcome you. Let us help you plan your dream vacation in our country!