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Four spectacular views of Cusco that you cannot miss

Publicado el November 20, 2021

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Cusco is a charming city, full of wonderful places capable of making anyone fall in love. A visit to the Imperial City is not enough to discover all its corners: its streets, restaurants, and, especially, its views.

If you have a free day and want to explore the city, you can start with a tour in search of the most spectacular views of Cusco (and they are free!). These are the places you cannot miss:



San Cristobal

From here, you will have one of the best views of Cusco, with the Main Square in the foreground and, on the horizon, the imposing Ausangate. It is located in the northern area, where the Qolqampata palace was built by Manco Capac - the oldest in the city. With the arrival of the Spanish, the palace was destroyed and the San Cristobal church was built in its place, but you can still find some stones that were part of the palace.

How to get there?

You can walk up from the Main Square up Cuesta Suiza or through Arco Iris street. If not, you can take a taxi that will drop you right off the square.



Cristo Blanco

An unmissable destination in the surroundings of Cusco, where you will also have a beautiful view. The eight-meter tall figure of Christ is located on top of the Pukamoqo hill, with open arms as if protecting the Imperial City. The statue was donated by the Palestinian Arab community in 1945.

How to get there?

You can walk up from Plaza Nazarenas to Calle Don Bosco where you will find the entrance to Sacsayhuaman. On your ascent, you will find the signs that will guide you to the Cristo Blanco or White Christ. You can also take a taxi, and it will take you directly there.



San Blas

The iconic neighborhood also offers beautiful views of the city of Cusco since it is located in the upper part. You can relax with these views in the main square or look for the San Blas viewpoint a few steps up. Walking through its streets is a beautiful experience.

How to get there?

Start walking from Main Square and go up Triunfo and Hatunrumiyoc streets to Cuesta San Blas. There you will find the square. You can also go up by car.

If you want to get to the viewpoint from the San Blas square, turn left onto Tandapata Street and then go up Pasñapakana Street. You will find it on your left hand.



Santa Ana

This square is the central point of the Santa Ana neighborhood, considered the oldest in the city and one of the highest areas. From there, you will have a different view of the urban panorama of Cusco, with a charming colonial church and bell tower. On your way, be sure to visit the Arco De Santa Ana, located up the slope of the same name.

How to get there?

From Main Square, walk along Plateros street and turn left at Siete Cuartones, go straight to Meloc street, turn right and continue until you reach the ascent of the Santa Ana slope. The walk is a little longer, so taking a taxi is also a good alternative.


The bonus


If you plan to visit the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman, you cannot miss the Cruz Moqo viewpoint with a spectacular view of Cusco that will take your breath away. Tradition says that the cross located there was placed in the 18th century by clergymen of the Dominican order to expel the demons that gathered to dance in this hill.

Remember that to go to Cruz Moqo you need your Cusco Tourist Ticket (BTC) since it is part of the archaeological complex.


Following this route of viewpoints, you will have spectacular views of Cusco and get to know it differently. Fall in love with the Imperial City, from the ground and from above - a great plan for a day off in the city!