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Volunteering in Peru, get ready to help!

Publicado el February 13, 2020

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Travelling is something that most people enjoy; however, not all of them do it the same way. From the selected destination to the favourite activity, through the budget and the travel partners, everyone chooses to discover the world with their own eyes.

Among these preferences, there are those travellers who seek to leave a print on the world. Who hope to transform their vacations into an opportunity to generate a positive impact on others. That's why more people see volunteer trips as an experience that they should do once in their lives.


Peru is a destination with many attractions to see. But, at the same time, it is a country with social inequalities and other problems that affect both communities and the environment. Therefore, many volunteers focus their energy on taking part in programmes that put them in contact not only with the beauty that Peru contains, but also with the daily life of Peruvians and the difficulties that this implies.

If you decide to volunteer in Peru, you can choose from a sea of ​​activities ranging from building houses to sharing with children in local schools. Besides, you have the opportunity to do it in a big city like Lima, a rural community of the Andes or surrounded by nature on the Amazon. Depending on your interests, you will find an alternative that fills your heart.

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Why choose Peru to volunteer?

  1. Because you can learn a new language
    One of the most popular activities among volunteers is to share language classes, especially in schools. Many are English speakers, so their help in teaching is much appreciated. Also, the volunteers have contact with Spanish (and even Quechua) and end up falling in love with our language.
  2. Because you connect with other realities
    We are all used to a lifestyle, but in Peru, things can be very different. It is usual for some children to walk kilometres to go to school; some families do not have electricity or water, and access to health service is complicated. Seeing these problems is a motivation for volunteers to share with others a little of what they have.
  3. For the people
    Many of the travellers who arrive highlight the warmth of Peruvian people. Volunteers can experience it firsthand by spending much time with communities. The gratitude will be infinite, and the links created are created very special - a feeling that you will never forget.
  4. Because you have much to discover
    Once you finish your volunteering, don't you want to know the best of Peru? Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, the northern beaches... our country has a lot to offer to finish your visit with a flourish. Don't forget about the delicious food that abounds in every place, too!