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Eight reasons to plan your next jungle adventure

Publicado el August 13, 2021

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Relating to nature after so many months of the pandemic is one of the reasons why many decide to plan their next vacation away from the city. If we think of outdoor activities in Peru, an adventure walking through the Andes mountains often comes to mind. However, our jungle is also an ideal destination for a memorable getaway.

Thick forests, great rivers, magnificent species of animals and plants, and delicious ingredients are some of the attractions that await you in our Amazon. That is why we give you eight reasons to encourage you to discover it - you will definitely fall in love:

1. You will see unique species

If you are an animal lover, there is nothing better than seeing them in their habitat. Pink dolphins appear stealthily above the waters, monkeys leap between the treetops, sloths watch from the top of the branches and birds fly from one side to the other filling the sky with color.




2. You will enjoy nature like never before

Many places in the Amazon are accessible only by boat. Going into them aboard 'peque-peques' is a way of connecting with Mother Earth and appreciating her as it should: in silence and with calm.


3. You will fill yourself with energy

A trip to the Amazon will recharge your batteries by breathing in the pure air of the forest, enjoying an afternoon under the warm sun, or relaxing while listening to the rushing of the river. A good dose of natural fuel.




4. You will disconnect from everything

Tired of the routine and the city that never stops? In the Amazon, time seems to stop. With no cell phone signal, and often without electricity, it is the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself. Replace honking with birdsong or street lights with a starry sky.


5. You will know new ways of life

Learn about the way of life of the communities that call the Amazon home and the special relationship they have with nature. They are an example of sustainable use of resources, with respect and without predating.




6. You will pamper your taste buds

Amazonian food is a delicacy - an explosion of exotic flavors and ingredients that you cannot stop trying. Unique fruits, hundreds of species of fish, chili peppers for the brave… all in one place.


7. The Amazon River

The simple fact of being able to navigate the Amazon River is already a reason to travel to the jungle. Having the opportunity to explore the immensity of this natural wonder, the largest and longest river in the world, is an unforgettable experience.


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8. Landscapes

Each region of Peru has its charm, and the Amazon is not far behind. The green thicket of the forest stands out under the clear blue sky, with dark waters over which brightly colored birds fly overhead. Each landscape is unique and beautiful, especially at sunset.


A great way to enjoy the Peruvian Amazon is onboard a cruise ship, where the first-class service of a luxury hotel is combined with the more adventurous side of the jungle. Do you want to live this unique experience? We help you plan this dream trip!