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Peru from home: prepare your senses

Publicado el March 31, 2020

Escrito por: LimaTours

At LimaTours we continue working to offer the best experiences in Peru. Although the current situation does not allow us to keep up with our usual operations, we want to share the essence of the country through sounds, flavors and visual wonders that awaken the senses of every visitor.



Science says it: the smell is the most powerful sense. Studies have shown that the aromas we perceive create memory bonds, evoke past emotions and are the result of our ability to learn. For example: passing by a bakery can remind us of when we used to accompany our parents to shop, generating a feeling of nostalgia.

In Peru, your nose will be tested more than once and not only when you enjoy the delicious dishes you are going to eat. Smells will be the order of the day: the sea breeze from the coast, that peculiar aroma of wet soil after rain in the jungle, or the smell given off by flowers when walking through a field in the mountains.

We invite you to relax using your sense of smell. How about a home spa afternoon with a Peruvian twist? Our friends at Inkaterra gave some tips, and we want to share them with you.




Try this. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes feeling what is around you. How does the chair or sofa you are sitting on feel? Are the clothes you are wearing soft? Is the mug in your desk hot? Open your eyes. The skin is our largest sense organ, but how many times do we forget to feel what surrounds us?

We want to take you on a journey full of sensations through Peru, where your whole body will be immersed in the adventure. Close your eyes again and imagine the freshness of the sea as you walk along the beach; the cold mountain wind on your face; or the texture of the flowers that surround you in the jungle. Stop and feel the pleasure of reviving the sensation.

Today we transmit a bit of our legacy to you through the art of weaving, with techniques and traditions that remain in time as they live in the hands of our beloved artisans. The embroidery from Ayacucho is one of the most representative in Peru, with colourful designs inspired by the nature of the Andes. We invite you to create your own pieces with this exclusive tutorial that we have prepared for you with the help of Bordadora Urbana. Enjoy!





They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And it may be right. How many times have we dreamed of visiting a place just by seeing a photo? Or how many times have we needed that visual aid to be able to describe an incredible adventure? And in Peru, we have hundreds of places that you will want to see and keep in your memory forever.

Go from the relaxing beaches of the coast to the imposing mountains of the Andes, until you reach the majestic Amazon. Find impressive archaeological sites, dreamy lagoons, amazing animals and captivating flowers. Without forgetting the communities, where its people and traditions are part of the postcards that make our country so wealthy.

We leave you with a sample of all the beauty that you can enjoy in our country, where each corner has an interesting story to tell.





The power that food can have is impressive. It can transport you back in time: to your childhood memories, to a memorable event or even to another country. Today we want you to know Peru through its flavour and seasoning, the one that has made us famous worldwide.

From street food to the best restaurants in the world, in Peru your palate will be continuously challenged. You will discover unique ingredients, such as quinoa or camu camu; singular mixtures such as nikkei or creole; and traditions that revolve around our local tables. Because eating in Peru is not only feeding the body, but also the soul.

Dive into a Peruvian culinary adventure and get to work with this recipe by renowned chef Gaston Acurio using quinoa, one of the most nutritious foods from Peru. Are you ready? Click in the image to start!






Today we bring to you the characteristic sounds of Peru. Whether it is sounds created by man through local instruments or sounds from nature, you will feel the mystical, joyful and characteristic atmosphere of this part of the world.

Feel the tranquility of the Amazon and the Andes. In these regions, the traditions of the civilizations that inhabited them are kept alive, including their musical instruments and chants. In the same way, nature manifests itself with the sound of water, the sound of trees moving and the animals that create a unique environment.

Travel through the Peruvian jungle through the following video.