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28 reasons to be proud to be Peruvian

Publicado el July 29, 2021

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The month of July is important for all Peruvians. But this year is special because we celebrate 200 years of our independence.

In two centuries of history, Peru went through many things that led us to be the country you know today. We faced adversity, and we got up; we made amazing historical discoveries, and the world fell in love with our traditions and flavors that became our insignia.

When we hear the name of our country, we puff out our chests. Today, we want to celebrate it by remembering some of the reasons that make us proud of being Peruvians.

1. The colors

Touring Peru means you never stop being surprised by the beauty of the colors you might find in every corner: its landscapes, its markets, its walls full of art, its delicious dishes, and more.



2. The mountains

The ancient Peruvians considered them deities. Today, those same "apus" tower over us, creating an unmissable visual spectacle.

Cordillera del Vilcanota 01


3. The Amazon

The lung of the planet is in Peru, full of mysticism and wisdom embodied in local communities that live in perfect balance and connection with nature.

Mirrored Forest 4 - High Resolution


4. The hikes

The impressive Andes gives us challenging and beautiful routes. Inca trails, majestic snow-capped mountains, and turquoise lagoons await you.



5. The flavors

If our dishes could speak, they would tell the story of the evolution of our renowned gastronomy over 200 years. So diverse and tasty.



6. The landscapes

Whether you love the sea, the mountains, or the jungle, there is no place in Peru where you don't come across a beautiful and even unexpected landscape.



7. The fauna

The immense number of animals that live in Peru makes us one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. For example, we are a paradise for birdwatching lovers, and we have even hosted international competitions.

Three Toed Sloth 2 - High Resolution


8. The flora

10% of the world's flora is in Peru, and it is part of the life of many Peruvians. They have learned how to take advantage of its qualities, especially medicinal ones. How can we not feel proud?

0157 409A1667


9. The legacy

The heritage that Peru has is undeniable, a land of legends that we can discover with our own eyes.



10. The history

Our past is a mixture of cultures, each one doing their bit to create the identity that represents us today.

0099 409A0674-2


11. The traditions

Our people safeguard millenary traditions, which they have kept alive to this day.

Copia de LimaTours_MSP_056


12. The joy

If anything represents Peru, it is its people and its energy. Always ready to give you a smile and share part of themselves with you.

Camino Chinchero-Valle Urubamba 05


13. The sunsets

It doesn't matter if you are facing the sea on the coast, between the Andes mountains, or sailing across the Amazon, the sunsets in Peru will take your breath away.



14. The geography

Canyons, valleys, deserts, lakes, bays, and much more. The geography of Peru is so varied that you would never be tired of exploring it.



15. The patrimony

We have thirteen World Heritage Sites named by Unesco, an example of the enormous importance that Peru has had for the history of the world.



16. The dances

Peru has a rhythm. A rhythm that is rich and diverse, with Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Amazonian notes. Sounds that hug and fill you with energy.



17. The music

Composers and lyricists have dedicated their songs to give love to Peru, conquering the ears of the world.


(Foto: Luis Albeart / Flickr by Creative Commons)


18. The streets

You only have to walk through cities like Lima and Cusco to feel that you are embarking on a journey back in time, with streets and plazas that have seen hundreds of years go by and you can enjoy today.

Plaza de Armas 03


19. The beaches

From waves for the more adventurous to relaxing destinations for those who want to disconnect from the world, Peruvian beaches always have something to offer.



20. The artists

Peru speaks through its artists. Whether they are modern graffiti or delicate pieces carved in traditional workshops, they are talented hands creating art that express our identity.



21. The resilience

In 200 years we have been through difficult situations, but that has not stopped us. We are a country that stands up and continues to move, that understands dedication.

Cultivos Chinchero 04


22. The athletes

Their tireless work fills us with pride. Because, although the road is hard, they are proof that with effort everything is possible.



23. The discoveries

In 200 years, we have been the center of great discoveries that changed history, including Machu Picchu and the Lord of Sipan.

Tumbas reales sipan


24. The cities

Peruvian cities have a peculiarity: they have known how to live with their past. It is not strange to come across pre-Inca "huacas" in the streets of Lima or Inca walls in Cusco, surrounded by modern houses and buildings.



25. The celebrations

Travel through Peru to find unique celebrations, where the locals will welcome you as one of them. The carnivals, the Inti Raymi, the festival of San Juan in the jungle, or the Virgen del Carmen celebration in Paucartambo are some examples.



26. The mysticism

Each town in Peru has a unique relationship with the world, such as the connection with the mountains in the Andes or the unity with nature in the jungle.

Copia de LimaTours_MSP_119


27. The experiences

A trip through Peru is full of unique experiences. Spend the day with a community that lives floating in the middle of a lake? Sleeping 400 meters above the Sacred Valley? Walking routes over 500 years old between the mountains? Get to eat in one of the best restaurants in the world? Here you can do it.

floating Uros islands on the Titicaca lake, the largest highaltitude lake in the world (3808m). Theyre built using the buoyant totora reeds_96802072-1


28. Because it is our homeland

Perhaps there is no simpler reason than this. It is the place we love despite everything, to which we belong and to which we always want to return.



Peru is more than a wonderful destination that everyone should know. It is a treasure, full of unforgettable experiences capable of making the whole world fall in love.

Happy bicentennial, Peru!