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Best of the Best: Peru of the senses

Publicado el December 29, 2020

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Peru is a country capable of taking you on a unique adventure through sensations. To enjoy it to the fullest, you must come with your senses ready for anything because they will be exposed to constant stimulations: landscapes for the sight, flavours for the taste, textures and woven for the touch, aromas for the smell and music for the hearing.

The mixture of all these creates unforgettable experiences, some unrepeatable in the world. From sleeping under the Amazon sky's stars to travelling on roads that date back centuries, enjoyment is guaranteed in Peru.





When it comes to stimulating the senses, gastronomy is one of the best ways to do it. The aromas fill the entire space, and the colours of the ingredients shine in every corner. The sound of the food being cooked over a full fire begins to whet the appetite and then ends up served in a dish where flavours and textures come together in a more than delicious result.

Peruvian food is recognized worldwide, and it is no wonder. The wide variety of products that we have and the cultural influences we coexist with, make our cuisine a combination of sensations for all tastes.

Which are our favourite dishes that you have to try in Peru? We tell you:

1. Ceviche


A preparation that you cannot miss. It is a fresh and light dish, made at the moment with fish cooked in lemon juice, salt and onion. With an extensive coastline like ours, the varieties of fish and shellfish that this dish can be prepared with are enormous and delicious.


2. Causa

causa alta

Several stories are surrounding the creation of this dish. The most popular dates from the war with Chile on the 19th century, when it was sold to raise funds to help Peruvian soldiers fighting for "la causa (the cause) of Lima." The preparation is simple but exquisite: two layers of pressed potato seasoned with lemon and yellow pepper, stuffed with chicken with a touch of mayonnaise. Like good Peruvians, the creativity to choose the filling is so varied that it ranges from vegetables to crab pulp.


3. Lomo Saltado


As famous as ceviche, it is one of Peru's flagship dishes and shows the oriental influence in our cuisine. Pieces of fine loin are sautéed in the wok, accompanied by tomatoes and onion, with a touch of soy sauce or sillao. The meat is served with crispy French fries and rice. Exquisite!


4. Anticuchos

Doña Grimanesa - preparación de anticuchos

A colonial recipe that remains alive. Formerly, African slaves consumed what their masters discarded, for example, beef heart. Today, these seasoned and grilled hearts are among Peruvians' favourite delicacies, accompanied by potatoes and corn. Peruvian flavour wherever you look at it.


5. Pisco Sour


The national drink that fills us with pride could not be out of the list. This grape distillate is obtained in the south of the country's wineries, and its quality has won international awards. What do you need to prepare the classic Pisco Sour? In a cocktail shaker, mix three ounces of pisco, one of lemon, one of jarabe de goma or syrup, and one egg white. Add ice and beat. Cheers!

* Do you want to know more about Peruvian gastronomy? We invite you to the special edition of our Ultimate Journeys magazine dedicated to our food here *



How else can we bring your senses to the top? Taking you to places out of the ordinary, where you will have to be alert not to miss any detail and enjoy everything that will happen around you.

We made a list of the five experiences that fascinate us and know you will love as much as we do.

1. Sleep one step from heaven


Can you imagine spending the night suspended 400 meters above the wonderful Sacred Valley in Cusco? The Sky Lodge offers you this privileged opportunity in one of its four transparent polycarbonate modules. Let nature rule your day, sleeping with the bright of the stars and waking up with the first rays of the sun.


2. Connect with the Pachamama

Copia de LimaTours_MSP_117

The Payment to the Earth is a traditional ceremony of the communities of the Andes. It takes part during their most important celebrations, where they thank Mother Earth for the gifts received, they ask for her blessing and to have a good harvest. You can participate in one of these ceremonies and learn about the Andean cosmology and connect with nature differently.


3. Discover the heart of the Amazon

09.-Sunset Habitación 2

The Peruvian jungle is a universe full of mysteries to discover, among communities with rich traditions, incredible fauna, unique flora and dream landscapes. Come and explore it onboard a cruise through the Amazon River, the soul of our jungle, in an experience that combines luxury with unforgettable experiences in one of the most enigmatic places on the planet.


4. Feel like in the Dakar


This famous race has taken place un the Peruvian desert on four editions. Why not venture to tour it too? Onboard 4x4 trucks, go up and down the dunes just like the Dakar drivers did. Complement the experience with some sandboarding: slide through the sand and feel the adrenaline of speed.


5. Walk like the Incas


Visiting Machu Picchu is an unforgettable experience, but it is even more special if you get there by following the route that the Incas walked more than 500 years ago. The Inca Trail is a unique trek in the world, ascending from the Sacred Valley through mountains to later descend to the jungle. Along the way, you will get to know the local flora, see incredible archaeological sites, and learn about the construction techniques used by the Incas to design not only this but a whole network of roads that linked the entire empire. If you are a trekking lover, this should be on your list.