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Best of the best: history and nature

Publicado el December 23, 2020

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History and nature are the two protagonists of a great adventure in Peru.

From many centuries, the ancient Peruvians developed a special bond with nature. The love and respect for her were such that their entire universe revolved around her, and we still see that today, alive in our traditions and archaeological sites.

Today, Peruvians maintain that relationship with the Pachamama and we look for ways to connect with it from different fronts. How do we do it? Read on to find out.





Travelling to Peru is, without a doubt, an approach to the past. Hundreds of archaeological sites hide among the Andes mountains, the jungle forests and even the cities' buildings. Because in Peru, we live together with history every day.

Marvel at the legacy of our ancestors. It will win you over!

1. Kuelap

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An impressive fortress makes its way through the lush vegetation of the Amazonas region's mountainous jungle in northern Peru. Built by the Chachapoyas culture, the size of the walls surrounding it stands out in the panorama. Inside, towers and buildings with their friezes worked in high relief surprise visitors.


2. Sipan


Its discovery marked a milestone in world archaeology in the 1980s: it was the first time an intact burial of this magnitude was found. The Lord of Sipan's tomb, a Mochica sovereign, dazzled with the great value of the pieces found inside. It also allowed shedding more light on how they lived in this ancient pre-Inca culture on the north coast of Peru.


3. Caral


Considered a cradle of the oldest civilization in America, Caral surprises with its architectural and organizational level that dates back more than 5 thousand years. Walking among the squares, pyramids and altars of this city is a sample of how men learned about nature and its phenomena - for example, the Coastal Child - to develop technologies that helped them survive in complex environments. Caral is located in the Supe valley, north of Lima.


4. Huaca Pucllana


In Lima you live together with history, you just have to take a walk through the streets of Miraflores district to find a fantastic pre-Inca construction that stands out among the buildings. Huaca Pucllana was an important ceremonial centre of the Lima culture. Its truncated pyramid built of adobe is an example of the power it had between 400 and 700 AD. and today it is a jewel inside a vast and modern cosmopolitan city.


5. Sacred Valley

Copia de Ollantaytambo 07

How to choose a single site in the Sacred Valley? You cannot speak of just one place within the heart of the Inca Empire. The Sacred Valley is a delicious sample of all the Inca power because its archaeological sites teach you about each aspect of this society: Ollantaytambo as a sacred space; Pisac and its impressive terraces about its agricultural capacity; and the agricultural laboratory of Moray about its advanced knowledge regarding crops and harvests.


Bonus: Machu Picchu

Vista desde el Machu Picchu 10_8

We cannot leave out this jewel of Inca architecture, nestled in the Andes and protected by mountains and sacred rivers. Its enclosures, temples, and squares are a sample of the ancient Peruvians' excellent construction work, who knew how to adapt to the terrain and build a citadel that keeps amazing the world, more than 500 years later.



Peru's biodiversity is not measured only in the enormous number of species of animals and plants found in its territory. With 84 of the 117 life zones and 28 of the 32 climates that exist, Peruvians and nature have developed an extraordinary learning and adaptation bond.

Part of that relationship is also enjoying this bond in alternative ways, from swimming in the sea, hiking in the mountains or enjoying outdoor activities. If you are as much a fan of different experiences in nature as we are, you will love these:

1. Bicycles

IMG_7209 copy

The mountains of the Peruvian Andes are the perfect setting for a day on the bike: from a slow journey to look at the landscape, to an adrenaline-filled route with ups and downs that will increase your heart rate. Are you searching for another alternative? Try a ride along the Lima boardwalk on two wheels while watching the sunset on a summer afternoon.


2. Via Ferrata


Discover the Sacred Valley of Cusco from the top by climbing a rock wall of more than 300 meters following a Via Ferrata - a path of iron steps embedded in the mountain. The view from the top is impressive, and you will understand why the Incas gave so much importance to this place. Really beautiful!


3. Water activities


If you have a special connection with water, in Peru there is undoubtedly something for you. Adrenalin? Sail the mighty rivers practising rafting. Looking for some calm? Try Paddle or Polynesian canoe rowing, with a wonderful view of the mountains, considered sacred by our ancestors. Feeling sporty? Go surfing on the beaches of Lima or the north.


4. Sandboard and buggies


Slide into adventure! The desert of southern Peru awaits you for an experience like no other. An equally exciting alternative is a ride in buggies through the dunes: go up and down at full speed while feeling a rush of adrenaline throughout your body.


5. Yoga


Connect with yourself and with nature in a yoga session at the foot of the mountains of Cusco, with an impressive landscape that will help you relax. If you want to take your practice to another level, go ahead and do the session on a paddle in the Piuray lagoon.