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Best of the Best: dreaming of Peru

Publicado el December 17, 2020

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This 2020 shook us all in many ways, and one of them was closing the doors of the world. For the millions of travellers who already had plans (or were working on them), it was a huge blow. However, staying home didn't mean losing hope, and we never stopped dreaming of the day when we would travel again and have unforgettable experiences.

Throughout the year, we remember every journey and adventure we spend discovering Peru. Maybe we couldn't go and relive them, but the incredible places where they happened are still there. With 2021 approaching, we did not want to miss the opportunity to create for you our list of The Best of the Best, but with new meaning: it's a dream that we will soon be able to make a reality and meet again in the wonders of our country.





Nothing is more impressive than a landscape. Did it ever happen to you that the beauty of a place is worth all the effort you make to get there? Sometimes that beauty is capable of taking our breath away, and we just want to sit for a moment to contemplate it, without distractions - a kind of unique connection with Peru.

What are these landscapes that we fall in love with? We tell you:

1. The colours of Vinicunca

IMG_0605 copy

The famous 'Mountain of Seven Colors' in Cusco has become very popular all over the world, and it is not a surprise. Its colours, which originate from different minerals, give the place a unique beauty. The Apu Ausangate adds its special touch, accompanying the challenging hike up the mountain. But trust us, the effort is worth it.


2. The falls in Huancaya

Visiting Huancaya will undoubtedly change the perspective that everyone has of Lima: that of the colonial city, surrounded by sea and desert. It only takes a few hours to go to the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve to see that other side: the Andean, with beautiful waterfalls, emerald-coloured lagoons and snow-capped mountains.


3. The mountain range in Huaraz

Considered the main destination in Peru for lovers of mountaineering and adventure, Huaraz cannot be out of our list. The Cordillera Blanca mountain range offers beautiful landscapes, with snow-capped mountains such as Huascaran and Alpamayo as the protagonists, or fascinating lagoons such as Llanganuco and Laguna 69. If you love mountains, this is the perfect place.


4. The sunsets of Mancora

Just by seeing an image of this beach in northern Peru, it is inevitable not to imagine the sound of the waves and the sea breeze. It is one of the favourite destinations for those who seek to disconnect from the noise of the city and enjoy the freshest seafood.


5. The mysteries of the jungle

Black Water Lake - High ResolutionWhen describing a jungle landscape, it is impossible not to miss the limit with the sky. The rivers of our Amazon are like mirrors, where all the wonders of Mother Nature reflect, accompanied by the singing of the thousands of birds. A unique experience.


Photo Huaraz: Aline Rodrigues on Unsplash