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Post pandemic travel: why work with a tour operator?

Publicado el June 18, 2020

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The world begins to prepare to open its doors again after the critical stage of the pandemic. However, people have not stopped thinking about travelling, and some have even started making reservations for their next trips, as shown by the trends published by ADARA.

With airlines and hotels developing protocols to prevent contagion, tour operators have also started to work on implementing measures that are in line with the "new normal". It can be an opportunity for us as operators to connect with travellers and offer them unique and, above all, safe experiences.

What points make tour operators the best option to work with post-pandemic? Here are a few reasons.


1. The experience

Years in the business give tour operators a more exhaustive analysis of situations, allowing them to put together contingency plans that respond to problems that may arise. This notion also helps them put together adequate protocols that ensure the safety of visitors in times like those we currently live in, responding to their demands and considering the weaknesses or strengths of each sector involved.


2. Bargaining power

The experience and prestige of a tour operator is the key to accessing better negotiations with suppliers, obtaining special prices or benefits for their clients. Likewise, constant communication between operators and suppliers improves their relationships and consolidate joint work, strengthening the industry in times of crisis like the current one.


3. Be part of associations

Repowering tourism after a significant crisis is done by working hand in hand not only with suppliers, but with other allied companies. Being part of associations and unions is essential for tour operators because they not only have access to up-to-date information on the situation both in their countries and outside of them, but can also learn about specific requests or requirements from the respective authorities. These strengthen their operation and allow them to improve or adapt their protocols.


4. The certifications

The solidity of a tour operator is a guarantee of excellent service. The same happens with the certifications that it may have, ensuring high-quality standards - some international - that respond to different aspects: care for the environment, social responsibility, etc. They are a great way to position themselves in the customer's mind.


5. Safety

A tour operator is a helping hand in another country for its clients and passengers. In the event of any unforeseen event, the operator can find a solution quickly and effectively, offering advice and support to travellers.


At LimaTours we care about all the details and we have been working without stopping, intending to offer our clients and passengers unforgettable experiences in Peru. Today we will continue to do so, but obeying the new prevention protocols to ensure not only a spectacular trip, but also a safe one.

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Ultimate Journeys: Travel in Peru

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