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How to be responsible with the environment as a tour operator

Publicado el July 24, 2023

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According to the UNWTO, tourism generates around 5% of carbon emissions worldwide. Besides waste generation, the natural degradation of ecosystems and the lost of biodiversity are some of the environmental challenges associated with growth in the sector.  

For example, in Aguas Calientes, where – Machu Picchu – the main touristic attraction of our country is located, a total of 3050 tons of waste was generated during 2022, and only during this year’s first four months, 500 tons of waste have already been generated. We are not oblievious to our impact, thus we take on a proactive approach in the face of side effects.  

Every year, LimaTours audits its impact, at office level and at service level that we offer in the fourteen destinations of Peru where we have operations. Therefore, we have determined our main source of carbon emissions to come from hotel, then from touristic transportation, and finally in less manner, staff transportation from home to work. 

Fortunately, we have a long term carbon reduction plan, with a –33% accumulated mitigation towards 2030. A commitment that we have taken on as part of our alignment to the Glasgow Pact, in guidance of Green Initiative. Our collaborative work allows us to compensate our carbon footprint through economic contributions destined to UN-certified environmental projects. 


We also encourage a participant role of the passenger from start to end. Every passenger obtains a good practices. All of our passengers receive a training in good practices at the beginning of the excursion, that prevents a 50% impact on the environment. Also, we also extend the possibility of purchasing carbon credits to offset their own carbon footprint, in exchange of which they will attain a donation certificate. 


These efforts – among others  - recently earned us the title of becoming the First Tour Carbon Neutral Tour Operator in Peru, certified by Green initiative. A milestone in our history that we trust sets a sectorial precedent to encourage responsible practices in the industry.. 


We are aware that our country’s megadiversity has been privileged with also sets off a great responsibility. Therefore, we have made a firm stance aligned to the sustainable development goals by the United Nations. We are satisfied that our customers can rest assured that working with LimaTours is working towards responsible tourism.  






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Ultimate Journeys: Travel in Peru

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