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The Peruvian Creole music classics you should know

Publicado el October 31, 2020

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In a 'jarana' - that's how we call a party in Peru- there are two things that can not be missed: good food and good music. There is no Peruvian who resists a waltz, a 'marinera' or a 'festejo', either to sing it or to dance it. And today, Creole Song Day, we celebrate it.

In 1944, President Manuel Prado Ugarteche declared October 31st as Creole Song Day. Our music, like gastronomy, is a delicious mix of rhythms and instruments with European, Andean and African influences. Over the years, various artists have represented the music from Peru music with their compositions that have become popular all over the world.

Here are some of the most famous.  A toast with pisco for our music!


1. Y se llama Perú

Augusto Polo Campos was one of the most recognized composers of Creole music. Many of his songs are dedicated to the country and are symbols of Peru, like this one.


2. La Concheperla

The 'marinera' is a dance that stands out for its coquetry and contagious rhythm. The Concheperla is the best known, composed by Jose Alvarado in 1892.


3. Flor de la Canela

To talk about Chabuca Granda is to talk about Peru. Her songs have been performed by singers from all over the world and versioned in different styles. 'La Flor de la Canela' is the most famous.


4. Regresa

Another composition by Augusto Polo Campos. The version sung by Lucha Reyes is the most popular and intoned in each meeting.


5. Callejon de un solo caño

The Santa Cruz family has made thousands dance with their compositions. This song is inevitable in each Creole 'jarana', created by Victoria Santa Cruz with the lyrics of her brother, Nicomedes.


6. El Alcatraz

If it's about moving your hips, el 'Alcatraz' is the perfect dance. Traditionally, the man tries to light a cone placed on his partner's hip while she dances. 'Prendeme la vela' by Abelardo Vasquez is one of the best-known songs, but the version of Arturo 'Zambo' Cavero is the most popular.


7. La Pitita

In Peru, we also dance the polka. Luis Abanto Morales is the composer of this song, very famous and danced by even the little ones in school acts.


8. Enamorado de estar aquí

Eva Ayllon could not miss. Nominated several times to the Latin Grammy, she is one of the most recognized Peruvian interpreters today. This song was written by Fahed Miter and is a declaration of love for Peru and its people.


9. El plebeyo

Felipe Pinglo presents an unrequited love story in one of the most emblematic waltzes of Creole music. It was introduced in 1930.


10. Contigo Perú

This song is almost a hymn for Peruvians. It is closely related to sports, accompanying the soccer team in their classification to the 1978 World Cup in Argentina and during their participation in Russia 2018. It was written by Augusto Polo Campos.


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